Rapid Development Framework – Part 1

Framework as the word means to me is well defined and well boxed component architecture which helps developer(s) and organization(s) to build customer facing software not worrying a lot on few areas which are big concerns and same is taken care by Framework. Framework is not targetted towards any specific domain but any domain specific software is to be built vertically on such framework stack.

1. Framework provides database interaction, logging, session management, event messsaging, workflow management, business rule mnagement OOB so that any development of domain logic components are more likely work as pluggable components within framework with on one side UI components and on other side domain business logic components around the framework.

2. Any further customization are with minimal pain

3. Any performance management and scalability needs are provided for by framework

4. Most importantly it makes developers team to follow certain code development pattern and so code review also is more focused with checklist to check if developers are following framework guidelines and not developing adhocly.

5. Gain is like 50% improvement in development time and also very structured development

6. Last but not least framework will provide for self tunning feature planned for future phase which will work seamlessly and still controls behaviour of framework not to break under stress situations but come out of it elegantly.


Framework uses following few technolgies to build together various components

1. MS .NET Framework 4.0 and many industry standard Design Patterns

2. Generics and Reflection

3. WCF web services

4. Windows services and Event mechanism (for gluing together various components)

5. We have employed various mathematical/statistical concepts/theories for development of components in framework such as “Theory of Inference/Truth Tables”, “Data structuers/Graph theory”, “Variance, Standard Deviation, Quartiles”.


Enterprise applications need a higher level view of how enterprise level information flow takes place who controls what in an ENTERPRISE?


Who defines what in an Enterprise application.


Domain Logic, Domain Metadata and Security

I shall talk briefly in following sessions various components in framework.

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